What To Consider If You're Requiring Employees To Return To Work

If you're currently reading this, you, like many business owners throughout the country, are looking to reopen. Below you will find tips to help you open your business and protect your employees. The Coronavirus has shifted the normality of work as we once knew it. Business owners need to adjust how they perform business to survive the economic hardships associated with this pandemic while remembering to protect their employees. 

 Create a Safe Workplace

  1. Catching the virus is drastically increased in places where people congregate together, as an employer, you must hold to a high standard of cleanliness. This can include hand sanitizer stations everywhere, especially entrances and exits. Provide Masks for your employees, and if you own a business where there is regular interaction with customers, require they also wear masks. Additionally, if you can afford it invest in a cleaning crew that can sterilize the workplace after hours. Make sure that you have disinfected desks, bathrooms, door handles, and even chairs. After work hours, cleaning should be done every day to ensure the virus cannot be spread. 

Acknowledge Your Workers Are Scared 

  1. No one wants to get sick, and by them returning to work, employees are increasing their risk. Understand that your employees are scared, and explain your real reasons for calling them back to work.  

Support Employees

  1. If you currently don't offer procedures such as sick leave, family leave, and medical programs, now is the time to start. You need to support your employees and ensure they have access to the proper resources to ensure their mental health doesn't deteriorate. Gathering hotlines, local treatment centers, and therapists covered by your health plan can help your employee ploy through these uncertain times.

Update Policies

  1. Social distancing is a priority; you may need to adjust your policies for meetings and other work activities that require people to come together. You cannot allow any leeway when it comes to sickness. If an employee is even partially sick, they should be dismissed. To make sure there aren't any problems, you should make a habit of testing your employees' temperature before entering the workplace. If their temperature is too high, it can signify a beginning to their sickness. Consider changing the office layout to make sure there is a distance between everyone and that not too many people are concentrated in one area.

Be understanding

  1. This entire pandemic has been harsh on everyone. Many people have lost loved ones, have become scared for their family, and have possibly suffered financially. Be understanding if your employees cannot come in on time or late on an assignment. You do not know what can be happening at their home or what challenges they have to face.

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