Learn How Fractional Consulting Will Transform Your Business

Fractional consulting is the best way for modern-day startups to access executive-level experience without hiring a full-time executive. What is Fractional Consulting? Mainly, a fractional executive takes on an executive role at a company for a “fraction” of their time, working more like a consultant and eliminating the need for lengthy interviews, long-term commitments, and high-end salaries. 

Businesses that do not have access to free cash flow are not in the position to hire an entire team of executives and instead can contract the responsibilities of their executives out to consulting firms. MKN Enterprises, LLC, specializes in providing such services. We have an extremely seasoned staff that can help fill C-level positions such as fractional CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CMO, and CIO. This way, you can have an experienced executive working for your team for a part-time salary.

 Flexibility is a necessity in startups, and hiring the right people to grow your business can be a determining factor of success. Fractional Executives work as freelance executives that can help with:

  • Due Diligence support

  • Growth

  • Investment Strategy

  • Turn around 

 Over 50% of startups fail within four years due to a multitude of mistakes made staring lack of direction, but with fractional consulting, startups have a better chance of succeeding and growing beyond expectations. Fractional Executives can transform the performance of your startup company and can bring sustainability to your business model. 

At MKN, we offer this exceptional service to better support businesses with years of executive-level experience. Visit our website to learn more about what fractional consulting can do for your business. 

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