How to Increase your Customer Base

There is an endless stream of marketing tactics available to businesses, unfortunately not all of them work. Working with smaller marketing budgets, means you need to operate in the most efficient fashion to ensure you’re converting clients and generating sales. Marketing campaigns are responsible for leading revenue growth at 38% of companies world wide. The key to annual business growth is through acquiring new customers, here are 5 ways to attract new customers. 


  • Online ads: Creating a marketing campaign utilizing online ads can increase traffic to your business' website which means greater exposure for your business. Advertising platforms allow you to set your own budgets to make advertising affordable to anyone. Depending on the amount you designate towards your marketing campaign you can adjust the “reach” of your advertisements meaning how many people see it.

  • Social media consistency: Establishing your business on all social media platforms allows you to continue to gain exposure, and is also required to run advertisements on these platforms. Not only is it important to be on social media, but it is important to continuously be posting new and unique content to gain a following. For example If you own a consulting firm you may want to give advice to your potential clients on how to manage their business to establish credibility.

  • Traditional Marketing: Paper marketing such as posters and flyers can also be effective in a marketing campaign depending on the type of business you own. There are a lot of small businesses that generate massive amounts of revenue from traditional marketing based on the services and demographic the business works in. For example if you own a local restaurant, it may be important for you to advertise directly to the people who live in your area by offering discounts and promotions. 

  • Email campaign: Building up a subscriber list on your website is free and easy once you are able to drive traffic to your website. There are techniques such as “Exit intent pop ups” for when customers are about to leave your site you ask for their email. Once you have effectively built up an email list, on a monthly or weekly basis update the subscriber's to keep them interested in your activities, and services. 

Deals and Promotions

  • Customers are always looking for value and deals. An excellent way to gain new customers is to offer introductory deals. This is a way to attract customers that may have already wanted to do business with you but needed a further incentive to bring them in.

Word of Mouth

  • Once you have gained the loyalty of your customers, ask them to give you a referral or leave a rating on Google. Current customers are the best way to gain new customers. A referral program can target future clients needs and match them to your services. Utilizing Customer referrals and reviews gives you an opportunity to use them as marketing and sales representatives. 

Be Aware of the Competition

  • Understanding how your competition operates in your market is crucial when trying to gain new customers. Be able to understand the pricing and services your competitors offer so that you can adjust yours to give yourself a competitive advantage. Without understanding the competition in your market they will be able to outperform you.

Participating in Community Events 

  • Going to conferences or community events are another great way for your business to gain exposure. Being able to put your physical business in front of hundreds and even thousands of people will put a face behind the brand. When customers are able to interact and ask questions to real people the level of engagement increases tremendously. 

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