New Announcements 

Here's How You Can Generate Your W2 Tax Documents - They will be generated by ADP around Mid January, and available through self service 1/31/2022

How to File For Your Tax Return

  1. Visit:

  2. Click: Register Now

  3. Enter Registration code: MKNENTERPR-0909EMP

  4. Follow self-guided instructions to make an account

  5. Enter contact information

  6. View your user I.D. and create passwords

  7. Pick and answer security questions

  8. Activate your email address. (Go to email provided and click the link to activate you in the system)

  9. You can also activate your mobile phone email alerts. These alerts will come from 90206 via text.

  10. You will be able to obtain paystubbs, W-2’s and check on your tax deduction status at your convenience.


Please Note: You will not be able to activate your ADP account until you are fully working for MKN Enterprises, LLC and being payroll. 

Please do not try and create this account until you are working as it will not allow you to create the acct. 

If You have any Questions Please Call our Operations phone and allow a 48 hour response